• Pastor Lorraine Brock

Welcome to MCC Charleston!

Church street signWe are a church created for and by the GLBT community.

You are welcome here!!!

Everyone is welcome to worship with us. We provide an open house of worship with an open communion.

As we accept Jesus’ unconditional love for us, we desire to grow as Followers of Christ and strive to transform lives as we transform the world.

We work to help the community around us by having a food bank, doing benevolence to schools, animal shelters and others.

The church are the people who come through the door to not only worship but to be engaged in various ministries.

Be sure to check the Announcement page for new events, updates and information.


We invite you to join us every Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 am!



I’m writing this before I went on retreat. This is an update on some of the issues facing us around out building. The Board of Directors is trying to figure out how to hurry the State of South Carolina to put back the ditch that is supposed to be near the Dorchester Rd. This will help with the flooding in the parking lot. Our neighbors, the Bike Shop” have ordered some rock to be put in some of the holes in the driveway. These men have been very kind to us and we are building good neighborly relationships. Progress is slow when so many parts have to work together in order to accomplish something.


Rev. Lorraine


Scripture Readings for Sunday Service

bible “Then I heard the voice of the Holy One saying, ‘Whom shall I send.’”  Isaiah 6: 1 – 8

If you don’t believe when I tell you about earthly things, how will you believe when I tell you about heavenly things?” 1 John 3: 10 – 16