• Pastor Lorraine Brock

Welcome to MCC Charleston!

Church street signWe are a church created for and by the GLBT community.

You are welcome here!!!

Everyone is welcome to worship with us. We provide an open house of worship with an open communion.

As we accept Jesus’ unconditional love for us, we desire to grow as Followers of Christ and strive to transform lives as we transform the world.

We work to help the community around us by having a food bank, doing benevolence to schools, animal shelters and others.

The church are the people who come through the door to not only worship but to be engaged in various ministries.

Be sure to check the Announcement page for new events, updates and information.


We invite you to join us every Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 am!



This week I just want to quote from the book, “The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus” by Brennan Manning.
“The relentless tenderness of Jesus challenges us to give up our false faces, our petty conceits, our irritating vanities, our preposterous pretending, and become card-carrying members of the messy human community. Jesus calls us to be tender with each other because he is tender. Christ invites us into the fellowship of saved sinners wherein our identity and glory lie not in titles, trinkets, honorary degrees and imaginary differences but in our “new self” in Christ irrevocably bonded to our brothers and sisters in the family of God.”


Rev. Lorraine



Psalm 98: 1-9
Shout to the Most High, all the earth, break into joyous songs of praise!

1 John 1: 1-4
The Word, who is Life – this is the subject of our letter.”